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The Imperial Castle in Cochem is more than just a castle! The old walls, which throne majestically over the Mosel River valley, are an invitation for every history and culture enthusiast to enjoy a beautiful afternoon in one the highest hill castles on the Mosel river.

Soaring over Cochem on a mighty crag, the largest castle on the Mosel charms the eye with its delicate bays and imposing battlements. The medieval castle, which was heavily damaged while in the possession of the electoral princes of Trier during a war of succession, was bought and lovingly restored in the neo-gothic style associated with German castle romanticism in the 19th century by the Counselor of Commerce Louis Ravené. Guests will be delighted by the impressive interiors of rooms such as the Knight’s Hall, the Dining Hall, the Trophy Room and the Bower.

In addition to guided tours in multiple languages, guests can come together for a medieval evening meal on Fridays and Saturdays The so-called “Knights’ Feast” is a four hour program complete with minstrels, maids and many a chance to laugh. It’s a local favorite for individuals, groups or even company Christmas parties. After a guided tour of the castle, the guests are brought to cellar halls for a rustic feast and immersed in medieval customs, practices and… even some medieval punishments! After enjoying wine, song and contests of knightly virtue, the evening climaxes with a knighting.

Every year, during the first week of August, medieval performers, artisans and various other folke wait to welcome guests to our castle festival. The proud and ancient walls of the castle offer a one of a kind backdrop for rustic vendors and spectacular stages where visitors are invited to become a part of a lively market during the middle ages. Various contemporary artisans present their handy-work while mead, wine and fine meats fresh off the grill will be sure to sate the appetite. Medieval performance troupes and troubadours playing antique instruments ensure that guests of all ages will be well entertained.

On the second or third weekend of Advent, the Imperial Castle in Cochem offers its guests the “Cochem Castle Christmas”. It is a special and memorable way to prepare for Christmas. The traditional story of Christmas is presented by live costumed actors, accompanied by animals, on a magical journey through the castle’s gardens and alcoves. You’ll follow Mary and Joseph on their search for shelter and end the tour as the two find warmth and safety in a humble stall and are greeted by awe-struck shepherds. The performance reaches its highpoint when the archangel, accompanied by trumpets, announces the birth of Christ to the world.

What’s more, couples are invited to spend the most beautiful moment of their lives inside the castle and say ‘I do’. The castle chapel offers a truly fairy-tale ambience for a civil marriage ceremony. (Important: Please inform yourself about laws and regulations for weddings in the registrar office style in Germany.)

More about that and many other things can be found by reading further on our website.


Winterprogram 2023/2024

Cochem Castle also offers visitors from near and far a contemplative program of events during Advent. Tickets for “Cochem’s Advent Magic” and “Cochem’s Castle Christmas” will be available in the castle’s online shop from November 1st, 2023.

You can download the poster of our 2023/2024 winter program as well as the winter opening times here:

Poster winter program 2023       Winter opening times 2023/2024

Thursday, 26. October 2023|


Anticipation is the greatest pleasure – let yourself be enchanted by our picture galleries and look forward to what awaits you during your visit.

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